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Terms of business, privacy, copyright and conditions of use PDF Print

Should you engage us to provide legal services to you then our terms of business will be provided to you before any engagement starts.

The information contained on this website may be confidential. You may not disclose this information to anyone else. The information is also subject to copyright, either ours or that of third parties. Please check before you use this information for any purposes other than your own general use.

You may not hyperlink to any part of this website without our prior consent.

No warranties are given as to the accuracy or completeness of any inforrmation given here, nor its applicability to your particular circumstances. Please obtain separate legal advice on any issues you may have.

Should you have any concerns about the services provided to you then please contact us in the first instance to discuss these. Failing that, you can seek assistance from the Legal Ombudsman .

Please note that in accordance with the disclosure requirements of the The Provision of Services Regulation 2009, our professional indemnity insurer is Alpha Insurance A/S.


This website does not use cookies. Certain basic information (such as your IP address) provided by your web browser will be kept in log files. This information will NOT be made available to third parties.

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This website is enabled by content management software developed initially by Miro International Pty Ltd, an Australian company, but forked as the Joomla project. It is licensed under the GPL. Two other widely used open source applications are used as well - Apache and MySQL.

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